Mobile-First User Experience For Hanky Panky


In time for the holidays, intimates brand Hanky Panky wanted to put as much control as possible in their consumer’s hands when it comes to seasonal gifting.  Enter Build Your Own Bundle – our unique approach to a customizable and giftable shopping experience.



Built for mobile, this program allows users to create a customizable assortment of their favorite thongs, while also selecting quantity, box and packaging type and occasion.  The brand’s unique product, sizing and fabrication taxonomy required some particularly thoughtful and advanced features so that both Hanky Panky’s business logic and the consumer’s expectations could live in harmony.



Our first step was to map out the business requirements and the consumer’s end goal.  We went back to basics with traditional pencil and paper, making itemized lists of product assortment, features and specs, business limitations and ultimately what we as consumers would want and expect.  With over 65% of the client’s traffic coming from mobile, we then started to reconcile the lists components into a system and process that would work first and foremost on the size of a mobile screen.  Our lists turned into maps, our maps into hand drawn wire-frames, ultimately digitizing and perfecting the process in Figma.



We aimed for ease and clarity first, while layering in branding and DNA and then a sense of surprise and delight. On mobile, we opted to dive into step 1 and encourage immediate interaction- rather than requiring a user to consume an overview of all steps in the process.

A dynamic progress bar first encourages you to “get started” and then tracks your success and stage throughout the process. Bundle size, box design, and product type are required steps before you start adding product to bundle – but all steps were made editable along the way.


Clever and encouraging prompts along the way, charm the user while giving them confidence the process is working as intended.

From a development and operations stand-point key factors like ERP and warehouse integrations, how Sku’s are addressed (individually or bundled) and gift messaging were all core components.  In fancy developer talk (not my words) the approach was to set bundle product to $0 but to display proper pricing on the site’s front end. We then used a JSON metafield to communicate the bundle information to the liquid and to the script. The JSON is an array of objects, each representing a collection that is part of the bundle. Ultimately, the bundle was treated as a single product in the cart, with a single price, but still listed all components for user visibility.



The end result – a playful, mobile-first, user controlled experience ready for the holiday gifting season, that is easily adaptable and scalable to future initiatives and product categories.

Visit the live experience and build your own bundle now: Hanky Panky Build A Bundle

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